Sustainable Development

At Fulenwider, we place a focus on sustainable development. We have seamlessly entered the 21st Century by continuing a tradition of innovation in numerous projects, including the Peña Station development, a transit-oriented vision that will emphasize a multimodal lifestyle, vibrant urban living, and sustainable development aimed at attracting Denver’s young and highly educated workforce, as well as national and international corporations wanting to locate next to DIA.
We have recently partnered with Panasonic Enterprise Solutions on this project and will work with them to create a sustainable “Smart Stop/Town” similar to the one developed by the company in Fujisawa, Japan. There, Panasonic converted an old factory property into a sustainable community for 4,000 people.
Fulenwider has been and will continue to be committed to the future of in Colorado and employs the latest development practices to achieve its goals. If you would like to discuss possibilities for responsible projects, please contact us to discuss opportunities.